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The New Nissan NV350 Urvan Premium

Taking the Standard Urvan to the Next Level Earlier this week, NPI (Nissan Philippines, Inc.) launched the super-sized NV350 Urvan Premium to bolster their already strong 2017 first quarter sales. It’s no secret that the Nissan Urvan is one of NPI’s bestsellers, making up 31% of the company’s total sales in 2016. And for that,…

Petron and the Nissan Urvan Fuel Rewards Program

Get Better Value When You Purchase a New Nissan Urvan from Authorized Dealers   The Urvan is well-known for its spacious leg room, the remarkable seating capacity, and of course, fuel economy. The Urvan Fuel Rewards Program, presented by Nissan and Petron, is designed to double up on fuel economy and service value via Petron’s…