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2016 GT Academy – Highlights and Results

Our racers may not have bagged the championship, but it definitely was an eventful GT Academy run for Nissan Philippines.

If you hadn’t had the opportunity to keep abreast of what happened during the 2016 GT Academy, then you’ll certainly be glad you came across this article. We’ll give you a quick rundown of what went down during this year’s round of competitions.

First, the live events controversy…

After the first two live events of this year’s Nissan GT Academy (staged in SM MOA and Trinoma), Nissan Philippines got word that there were disparities in the lap times when compared to the results of the other live events held across the country.

So the company and Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia (SIEA), who supplied the test kits during the events, conducted an investigation and found that the only difference between those two events and the other live events is the type of PS4 used for the pods. In the first two live events, the test kits were used; in all other live events, standard PS4 consoles were used.

Nissan Philippines and SIEA then decided to invalidate the results of the first two live events and invited those who participated in them to set new lap times at another event where only standard PS4 consoles were used. Problem solved!

And our Top 6 were…

After the live recruitment events that were held in various locations all over the country, the top 20 players finally met each other and battled it out at the national finals last September. And when all the challenges and tests were done, the top 6 Filipino players for GT Academy 2016 were finally revealed. They are:

  • Elysse Menorca
  • Francisco Adriano IV
  • Jan Millard Lacuna
  • Kim Jigger Chong
  • Mervin John Mallen
  • Richard Dean Jose

The Philippines’ Top 6 finalists to the GT Academy

Their Silverstone Experience

On October 19, the Philippines team arrived at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in the United Kingdom for the third stage of the competition. This time, they had to battle it out with the best GT racers of Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, North Africa, and Thailand.

Known as the Race Camp Week, this stage truly tested not only the respective teams’ driving skills, but also their mental agility, stamina, and strength. On the last day of the grueling week, October 26, Adriano IV and Jose raced against the top two drivers of the other teams in a 16-lap race.

Jose had the best performance among the Pinoy racers, but he was unable to topple the eventual winner, Mexico’s Johnny Guindi Hamui.

Johnny Guindi Hamui of Mexico is the 2016 Nissan GT Academy champion!

Johnny Guindi Hamui of Mexico is the 2016 Nissan GT Academy champion!

What’s Next?

We may have failed to bag the top prize this year, but if you think our GT Academy story ends there, think again. Filipinos have always been resilient, and we’re pretty sure that on the next round of competitions, our GT enthusiasts will be raring to go again!

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