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A Look into the Limited Edition Nissan Juke N-Sport

The Nissan Juke is one stylish sub-compact sport crossover.


But somehow, Nissan Philippines believes it may not be enough of a standout for some people. Hence, they are introducing a jazzed up version, which features both exterior and interior tweaks.

Read on for a quick run-down of the features of the new Nissan Juke N-Sport.


Enjoy the Sportier Exterior

The most obvious difference between the original Juke and the N-Sport version is the black racing stripes design found at the back of the car as well as on the hood. There are also added decals on the sides of the Juke N-Sport. These added visuals render a sportier look to the already attractive vehicle.

The latest version of the Juke also has a rear spoiler that perfectly complements the vehicle’s sloping roofline as well as silver under protector on the front and rear that completes the look. And as if you need further evidence that this is a different version of the car, it also features an “N-Sport” badge at the back. You may also notice that the vehicle has a new exhaust pipe.


Revel in the More Convenient Interior

Although there isn’t much of a difference in the interior of the two versions of the Juke, it is quite noticeable that the N-Sport has door plates that light up every time you open the vehicle’s door. And you’ll be sure to appreciate the new armrest center console, which not only makes the ride more comfortable, but also offers more storage space.


Where the car’s engine is concerned, the N-Sport is powered by the same 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine that churns out 116 horsepower and 154 Nm of torque. The engine is also mated to the same Nissan Xtronic CVT that is found in the original Juke.


How Much Do You Need to Shell Out?


Since the N-Sport version is being marketed as an “improved version” of the Nissan Juke, one would expect it to come with a heftier price tag than the original Juke, which sells for PHP 980,000. That expectation would indeed be on the money (pun intended), as the Juke N-Sport is priced at PHP 1,039,000

Is it worth the higher price?

We set out to answer that all-important question for you.


The Verdict


First off, allow us to give you fair warning.

Do not go to a Nissan dealer for a closer look at the vehicle unless you are prepared to be utterly mesmerized. We can’t quite put a finger on it, but there is something about the Juke (both versions) that just grabs your attention and once it has you riveted, you’ll find it almost impossible to turn away, much less walk away without signing a check for a brand-new Juke.

This isn’t to say that the vehicle is perfect. In fact, we will be straight with you and tell you outright that it isn’t. Its most notable imperfection is the transmission, which definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Somehow, the CVT in this crossover isn’t at par with some CVTs we’ve tested in other vehicles.

If you’re an extremely observant driver, you would also notice that when you floor the Juke’s accelerator, there is a slight pause before power is transferred to the car’s wheels. The pause becomes less noticeable if you set the vehicle in “sport” mode, but it’s still there. It would certainly be a smart move to give go for a test drive before making a purchase decision so you can determine if this pause bothers you or not.


Are the above imperfections enough to make the Juke N-Sport a turn-off?

Not in the least. Despite these imperfections, the Juke N-Sport is still an impressive vehicle, just like the original Juke. Its overall compact feel and short wheelbase enables it to handle even the tightest corners remarkably. And although it is a sporty car, it is still highly comfortable to drive, even with the sorry state of our roads.

With the difference between the two Jukes limited to the exterior look, illuminated door plates, and new armrest center console, is it really worth paying PHP 50,000 more for the N-Sport edition?

The decision, of course, is all yours to make.


The thing is:

A vehicle purchase is very rarely decided in rational fashion. More often, the decision is driven by pure gut feel and emotional connection. This could very well be one of those incidences. Make no mistake about it, it will be almost impossible not to feel an instant attachment to the Nissan Juke N-Sport.


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