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The Future for Electrical Vehicles in PH – the Nissan Leaf

Technology has swept the world in a whirlwind of new ideas and recent developments to our way of living. Not only are we constantly in a state of coming up of ways to do things in everyday lives but we are also in the process of upgrading past innovations which have shaped the world as it has now. A prime example is our vehicles. Before, we depended on the use of horses or carriages as our only means of travel but now, several different types of cars and models have been created for our utmost pleasure. We are one step closer to embracing the future. In this case, the future is the Nissan Leaf, brought to you by Nissan Cagayan De Oro.


In the Philippines, our public transport has slowly been upgraded over time with subways and metro systems. We have always depended on the use of fossil fuels to run our vehicles. However, other developing countries have started going fully electrical—such as Indonesia with its new addition of electric taxis. It’s about time the Philippines started catching up and gearing up for the future as well. Our best shot at going electrical is the Nissan Leaf.


So what makes the Nissan Leaf so special?


1. Runs purely on electricity


Nissan Leaf

This vehicle didn’t win the 2010 Green Car Vision Award out of pure luck. It won because of its innovative design in which it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to keep it running. According to the Green Car Journal, the Nissan Leaf model provides the aesthetics, the features, and the comfort that meets the needs of a discerning market and disregards the need for petroleum fuel.


Because it’s electric, the model depends on a charging station. It takes eight hours to reach the full charge of the battery. You even have the option of installing your own charging station at your house. Since the Nissan Leaf features an EPA that extends to 150 miles, it’s great for long commutes and across the country drives. It not only lets you travel with style but it also lets you travel a long ways from home without needing to stop over. Just make sure it’s fully charged before you plan the next family vacation!


2. Environment friendly


Nissan Leaf

Because it depends on electricity, no harm is done to the environment. Gone are the days where we depend on fossil fuels as sources of power and effectively add up to greenhouse gases that have polluted the earth since technology was born. At this point in time, it’s part of our survival instincts to think green. What better way to travel now than with a car that has won multiple awards?


The Philippines has always been avid producers of greenhouse gases due to the amount of petroleum fuel used to power our vehicles. This can change with the release of the Nissan Leaf. With promise of applying the much-needed developments in both the private and public transport fields, this model car holds with it the future in its design.


3. Widely popular around the globe


Nissan Leaf

The United States, Japan and Europe have the largest Nissan Leaf market in the world. Accordingly, the vehicle is said to be “the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car,” with some even claiming it’s the best EV model up to date. This is because the Nissan Leaf features carryover mechanicals, a better battery tech, a good range for an electric vehicle and an overall pleasing look to its design.


Compared to most EVs, the Nissan Leaf is the most affordable one there is. It caters to a wider demographic since it features a five-door hatchback electric car model, fit for family vacations or out-of-the-country road trips with friends. With more or less the same qualities to a Chevrolet Bolt EV and Tesla’s Model 3 but at a lower price range, there is little room to doubt as to why the Nissan Leaf has been topping the charts in foreign countries.


The Nissan Leaf – What a time to be alive


The future is here and it’s electric. While the Philippines may still have a long way to go before it can be up to par with First World countries in terms of its transport system, there is still something to look forward to and it’s the Nissan Leaf. Since the company is releasing the electric vehicle to the country in 2020, it’s best to check it out first at Nissan Cagayan De Oro, located at Elipe Park, Rodolfo N. Pelaez Blvd in CDO, Misamis Oriental.

Nissan Livina

In this article, we will be introducing the all-new and updated Livina. This gorgeous new MPV model has some impressive features that you might want to check out.


Built by none other than the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer, Nissan, this compact MPV was actually first introduced in 2006. It was the first Nissan vehicle presented in China, before it was released to other countries.

nissan livina cagayan de oro

Nissan today launched the All New Nissan Livina and the All New Nissan Serena in Indonesia.

Now, in 2019, Nissan finally launched the new and updated version of the Livina model last February 19, alongside their other upscale MPV, the Nissan Serena, in the Indonesian market. The vehicle was first previewed on Nissan Indonesia’s Instagram page a day before the event, and it definitely lived up to the hype with its bleeding edge technology and stylish design, all added into the growing Livina series.


2019 updates


Before heading into a detailed description of this coveted vehicle, it should also be mentioned that you can most probably find it’s an exact replica of Mitsubishi’s Xpander MPV. Yup, you read that right. With Nissan’s ongoing partnership with Mitsubishi, also known as the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, it looks like they finally hit the jackpot with this brand-new model of the Livina. It looks exactly like the Mitsubishi model except for the V-Motion design for the grille area, compared to the Xpander’s Dynamic Shield, and the boomerang-shaped LED headlights. For the interior, on the other hand, only the badges on their steering wheels seem to be the only bit that sets the two apart. The overall atmosphere and the whole design and layout all give out Xpander vibes.

Now on to the specifics. Some remarkable features were introduced during the event in Indonesia, and this includes the infotainment system, which enables a smartphone to be flawlessly incorporated to the vehicle with its smartphone connected real-time navigation system. Additionally, driving aids, namely, the Hill Start Assist (HAS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), and a Traction Control System (TCS), greatly improve safety.


Another feature worthy of being mentioned is the new flexible seating variation, which normally allows the car to accommodate seven passengers with its layout. However, when seats are folded down, the car can then transform to one that can efficiently carry and transport cargo. This allows for a cozy atmosphere for families while also having spacious room for luggage and other stuff.


Meanwhile, Nissan chose to maintain the engine of the Xpander, with its 1.5-Liter DOHC mill, having the capacity of 104 hp at 6,000 rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. It also comes with two options of a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic gearbox, leaving customers room for more choices.


Also, Nissan is releasing five variants of the new model, with some models featuring a few electronic assists than the base model. All variants will also be furnished with Electronic Brake Distribution and Anti-lock Braking System, while the Nissan Braking Assist will only surface in the VL A/T variant.


Nissan Livina in the Philippines


Now that we have outlined both existing and new features of the 2019 Livina model, surely there is a lot of curiosity going around whether this model will be released in Philippine shores as well. For those looking for a good automobile that can fit the needs of a large family and for living in a busy city with almost daily commute, this new model can certainly be a successful and practical choice.

Although no word has been released yet from Nissan Philippines regarding the arrival of this particular vehicle, it looks like there is a possibility of this happening when looking back a few years ago to what happened to Mitsubishi’s Xpander. From its debut in Indonesia in 2017, the Philippines had to wait for a year before customer deliveries began in 2018. Mainly because of the huge demand in the Indonesian market, Mitsubishi had no choice but to pacify first its home market before meeting the clamor of its other global consumers. Therefore, it looks like the Philippines would have to wait patiently for the results of the new Livina model’s distribution in the Indonesian market.


What about you, do you think you would be purchasing this latest addition to Nissan’s Livina series?

Vacations (Road Trip) with Nissan

We have just started the second quarter of the year 2019, and we all know what that means, right? School’s out, graduation ceremonies and parties have just ended, and summer has finally arrived!

For students, they have long since awaited this two-month break to finally get a breather from stressful assignments and projects. Unfortunately, for us working professionals, we aren’t so lucky to get those two months off. However, don’t keep that from stopping you to grab that leave form and apply for that well-deserved summer vacation. After all, you deserve to take time away from your hectic and busy lifestyle, or else you might not be that far off from that terrifying thing called burnout.

Blue water, white sand, the mountains—summer is definitely the perfect time to get away from the very active and frenzied city atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing yet fun getaway with family, friends, and a loved one. Whatever your type of holiday is, for most of us, this kind of activity also means preparing our cars for a very long drive.

Now, a car drive doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and uncomfortable. Most road trips can be quite exciting and enjoyable if we make it to be, especially if we’re with people whose company we enjoy. What can make it even more memorable is the type of vehicle we’re in. Whether you are going to another city, to the beach, or just want to spend a day or two on the road, we cannot deny that a car that can suit the demands of a road trip is crucial for it to be a fun and comfortable experience. In this article, let’s talk about the different models pointing to why Nissan can be your best choice when it comes to road trips.


Nissan Rogue


One important criteria for a car to be perfect for road trips, especially with a large group, is a roomy and spacious interior, and you’d have a difficult time trying to find a better one than this compact SUV. It boasts a generous space you can use for cargo while still making it possible for you to stretch out your legs during very long distances.

nissan rouge

The 2018 updated version also makes room for five passengers and an extra headspace for your tall friends, while both the front and back seats providing you high-quality comfort.


Nissan Altima


If you want to pick a vehicle perfect for achieving those highway miles, the Altima is your best bet. Despite its large size, it doesn’t affect the car’s fuel efficiency and even features reactive transmission and acceleration. With these, a gallon of fuel  can get you to 26 to 31 miles if you’re to go on highways, perfect for those long drives out of the city. What’s even better is with the recent version’s fatigue-free technology equipped on the two front seats, it makes sure the driver and front-seat passenger stay awake and alert during this long-distance driving.


Nissan Leaf


Nissan made headlines in 2011 when they first released their first all-electric model, winning major awards for green automobiles and achieving the title of best-selling electric car in history. Although it seems doubtful, the new 2018 Leaf came out with various upgrades, making it possible to be used for a weekend trip of a few hundred miles.


As long as you make sure to charge it once you arrive at your destination, the Leaf is capable of taking you up to 250 miles; perfect if you want a short trip just within the city and to explore local spots. With significant updates on its comfort, performance, and technology, you won’t regret taking this beauty out for a ride.


Nissan Quest


If you’re going on a trip with a larger group of more than six people, then it’s time to take this spacious minivan out. This vehicle offers a convenient ride with its easy to rearrange and adjust seating formation and a DVD entertainment system that you can choose to use if you get bored during lengthy rides. If the entertainment system is not your type, then the ability of the captain’s chairs to be reclined is ideal for you to take that quick nap.

Nissan quest

In conclusion, this multinational automobile manufacturer certainly has a diverse enough array of offerings to ensure your holiday trips go without a hitch. Basically, preparing for a trip requires of you to be able to decide what kind of trip you would like to be in, making Nissan vehicles perfect for you. Whether you’re going on a trip with your family and kids, or with your friends, stop by your nearest Nissan branch and choose your favorite road trip car now.


Nissan CDO Was Awarded the “Top in Vehicle Sales” and “Excellence in Sales” Last March 8, 2019

Nissan is a famous Japanese brand known for producing the various vehicles popular in the world today. Ranging from cars and SUVs to pickup trucks, Nissan has been continuously coming out with new models every year, causing quite the buzz in the automobile industry because of their technology, design, and topnotch quality. Since the 1950s, Nissan has started to export to other countries, along with partnerships with other brands, particularly with Renault and Mitsubishi. They have painstakingly worked for their stellar reputation in the automobile industry in different countries and the Philippines is no exception.


Last 8th of March 2019, Friday, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) held their 4th annual Dealer of the Year Awards at the Grand Ballroom of the Okada Manila in Parañaque. NPI has been founded on September 2013 as a joint venture between Nissan Motor Company and Universal Motors Corporation, and has long since held this awards event since 2016. From that moment on, it has become one of the most rapidly growing automotive establishments in the Philippines.

This event is one of the many indications of NPI’s remarkable growth and success in the country, one of the ways the excellence of Nissan dealers and its sales force nationwide is recognized. Through their hard work, Filipinos are able to experience services and products with the highest quality every year. Thus, NPI has brought forth major contribution to strengthening the company’s name and its market and sales.


In present time, there are 43 dealers all over the country and NPI’s constant increase in sales makes this awards show possible and worthy of its existence. The highest recognition, Dealer of the Year, is given to dealerships with the best performance in all facets of dealer operations, and is divided into three groups—NCR, Urban Provincial, and Rural.


Among the 43 dealers, Nissan Cagayan de Oro Distributors Inc. is not to be overlooked. During the prestigious event, the announcing of the major awards was the highlight of the evening. Nissan Cagayan de Oro was bestowed two major awards in the Large category, namely, “Top in Vehicle Sales” and “Excellence in Sales.” The two stunning glass white trophies bear the signature of Nissan Philippines Inc.’s President and Managing Director, Ramesh Narasimhan. 


As Nissan CDO’s mission is to be able to build a community in the vehicle industry where customers are ultimately satisfied by continually communicating and providing premium care, these two awards definitely highlight and emphasize their success in reaching this goal.



Top Selling Dealers 2018 list


Aside from these two awards, Nissan Cagayan de Oro has also received recognition from AutoDeal. As the Philippines’ number one online vehicle marketplace, they also hold annual awards and provide acknowledgement to those in the industry excelling in customer service, and sales through their online platform.

In their February 2019 list of top selling dealers, Nissan Cagayan de Oro won 3rd place with 7 sales, along with Toyota Calamba in the first spot, then Mitsubishi Kalookan, and Ford Alabang.

Considering they are the authorized dealer of all Nissan vehicles and other products in Northern Mindanao and four other regions in the island, these recognitions are certainly a huge honor for Nissan CDO. It could signify a more competitive atmosphere in the automobile industry in the near future and could mean a nonstop boom in Nissan vehicles in the entire Northern Mindanao.


Of course, since it’s only March, there will always be room for growth and more opportunities for the year 2019 as staff can take this acknowledgment to strive even harder and keep improving in order to better satisfy their customers. So the next time you start dreaming of purchasing that new car out in the market or when you just want to treat yourself and your family, why not head over to Nissan Cagayan de Oro? You would surely be taken good care of there, not

Considering they are the authorized dealer of all Nissan vehicles and other products in Northern Mindanao and four other regions in the island, these recognitions are certainly a huge honor for Nissan CDO. It could signify a more competitive atmosphere in the automobile industry in the near future and could mean a nonstop boom in Nissan vehicles in the entire Northern Mindanao.


Of course, since it’s only March, there will always be room for growth and more opportunities for the year 2019 as staff can take this acknowledgment to strive even harder and keep improving in order to better satisfy their customers. So the next time you start dreaming of purchasing that new car out in the market or when you just want to treat yourself and your family, why not head over to Nissan Cagayan de Oro? You would surely be taken good care of there, not just as a client but also as family.


Nissan at CES 2019

CES is one of the biggest conventions regarding innovation in the consumer electronics category. It was once an acronym for the Consumer Electronics Show, but today, it is being used as the official name of the event itself.


It is the place to be if you were in the consumer electronics industry, and it would only be better if you were able to showcase something your company had innovated. As you could expect, Sony, Google, and Amazon are just a few of the more popular names when it comes to these kinds of shows.


However, Nissan refused to just stand by and watch everyone else, and they unveiled something that really started a buzz and had the people in the Las Vegas, Nevada convention intrigued to say the least. They unveiled their very own vision of the future, which they call Invisible-to-Visible.



For quite some time now, a lot of automobile companies have been investing a portion of their annual budget in researching and developing their own self-driving cars. There hasn’t been a guaranteed 100% success yet, but that isn’t stopping the manufacturers from trying.


In fact, there have been some accidents that have been attributed to malfunctioning self-driving cars. In California alone there have been 24 reports of road accidents where the blame was pointed at the technology—but it was eventually found out that it was actually still human error that caused these kinds of accidents to happen.


And truth be told, that is the main reason and thrust for self-driving technology—safety of the passengers. More than 90% of serious accidents on the road are because of human error, and many innovative minds around the world are trying to answer this with self-driving vehicles.


The idea is that the vehicles that are able to drive themselves will operate via cameras and other sensors to detect traffic and other obstacles on the road to ensure safe travels. This is done in order to try and reduce the amount of crashes that are happening. Sadly, in 2016 in the US alone, over 35,000 lives were lost.


However, it cannot be denied that driving is an experience in and of itself, and a lot of people actually enjoy simply sitting behind the wheel and going about their day. So how are you supposed to still let humans who want to drive still drive, but also decrease the number of vehicular accidents?



Most of the followers and fans of the Japanese car manufacturer will remember Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility feature, which basically improved the driving experience for all of their vehicle owners by making it easier for them to stay safe on the road.


But having an automatic brake system and a sensor for detecting when you’re getting close to the painted division in your lane is a far cry from being able to see what usually can’t be seen. Well, not in the literal sense, but you get the idea.


I2V technology has the ability to merge the real world with the data world, and will support Nissan users by making full use of information gathered from the vehicle’s sensors, as well as stored information from the cloud.


This isn’t a mere GPS technology where it tells you where to turn and which route takes the least amount of traffic (although it does have the ability to do so); it monitors the objects around the vehicle real-time, and while receiving this information, it will also show the driver information regarding things further ahead.


Even if something is two blocks away from you, if there is something worthy of note there, the I2V system will inform the user about it. The driver and passengers will be able to keep an eye on everything through three-dimensional interfaces that they are able to interact with.


It shows them a 360-degree view of the road, obstructions, and even on-the-move pedestrians. Nissan even says it can monitor the occupants of the vehicle themselves and will alert the drivers when they are starting to get drowsy or even doze off.


Visitors at the Nissan display at the CES 2019 were able to experience I2V technology via a pair of AR goggles, and getting inside a demo cockpit. It guided the visitors through a city, all the while giving useful info, like advice on where to park in a busy mall.

Nissan 2019 Lineup

As 2018 draws to a close we have a lot in store for us in 2019, and we look forward to them with anticipation. One of the things people are looking forward to are the newest batch of their favorite cars. Even though not every single auto gets a revamp, people still anticipate this every year.


And why shouldn’t they? With a new version comes brand-new features that will further enhance the overall experience dedicated drivers and passengers experience. Aside from everything under the hood though, newer variants will likely receive an upgrade in the aesthetics department as well.


Nissan has a good track record when it comes to new variant reveals, as they are known to not only enhance almost everything under the hood, but they make sure their customers won’t be disappointed with how the vehicles look either.


For 2019, Nissan has yet again proven they are worth the people’s regard. There are a lot of improvements that have been happening, and some of the old features we know and love are still here to stay. Although we won‘t be able to cover every single detail of each car, we’ve laid down some of the updates regarding Nissan’s lineup for 2019.


2019 Nissan AltimaNissan Altima

Five years after its last update, Nissan’s best-selling sedan is now getting a welcome upgrade. 2019 is going to feature the sixth-generation Nissan Altima, and it is definitely something loyal customers and fans should look out for.


On the outside, the changes are already quite evident as the new Altima now has a sporty, more aggressive look, if you will. It is longer, lower, and wider than the fifth-gen, and also has a ProPilot Assist cruise control added on top of its electronic safety features.


It’s also said to have an all-wheel drive-capable variant, which is something that is rarely seen in sedans. Its 2-liter unit engine also offers outstanding fuel-efficiency, a core consideration of Nissan’s engineers when they designed the vehicle. Sleek on the outside, and strong on the inside, the 2019 Altima is something enthusiasts will want to have.


2019 Nissan RogueNissan Rogue

Among all cars except the pickup trucks, the Nissan Rogue was the second best-selling vehicle in the US in 2017. This is a great jump from the previous year’s performance, and the next generation only serves to enhance the already impressive gamut of features the Rogue offers.


Riding the wave of the crossover craze, the Rogue is expected to continue its impressive performance, as the newest model also features the ProPilot Assist, as well as various other convenience and safety gear. Aside from the electronic features, it also has an enhanced engine with greater fuel efficiency than ever.


Despite fierce competition in the space, the Nissan Rogue still continues to perform well due to its combination of comparable affordability and impressive host of features that allow drivers to go where they want in style.


2019 Nissan Terra

Nissan Terra

Being just as anticipated as this year, the 2019 version of the Nissan Terra is expected to launch within the first three months of the year. This has yet to be confirmed though, so keep your ears on the ground for more updates.


Going with the trend of rugged and aggressive, yet elegant and stylish, the 2019 Terra showcases all of the hard work the company has put into this model. Its new 2.3L v6 engine packs a lot of power, and it has the capability to generate up to 233 pounds-feet in torque.


Compared to other vehicles in its category, the Nissan Terra is actually quite fuel-friendly. It is said that if you were to drive within the city, you should get around 29km per gallon. Take it to the highway, however, and you’ll squeeze out around almost 40km per gallon.


2019 Nissan NavaraNissan Navara

When you look at the 2019 Navara from the outside, the first thing you’ll notice is how it doesn’t look that much different from the previous variant. Despite it looking the same, that couldn’t be farther from the truth when we head inside.


With its upgraded dual-rate progressive rear coil spring, as well as the improved steering system, the driving experience will be totally different from what most are used to. Even on loose surfaces, the control the driver gets from the car is on a different class entirely.


The aforementioned new coil springs will be delivering more stability and comfort for those inside, and even when the truck bed is filled, the suspension dip is better than before. All in all, customers should expect a smoother, controlled experience whether you’re up front or in the back.

Best Vehicle for a Family of Four and a Dog

One of the primary things you need to consider when getting a vehicle is what size it should be. It may be somewhat obvious, but you will need to look for a vehicle that will fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your family. If you and your family are avid travelers and campers, you wouldn’t want a vehicle that can barely carry bags and tents, and if you only have you and your wife in your family, you don’t really need that 18-seater van. Again, this depends on your preference, because if you want that van and have the money for it, why not?

But one of the main deciding factors for the size of the vehicle you should get would be the members of your family. You want to make sure each member is safe and comfortable in your future vehicle, as they are most likely the biggest motivation for why you want to get a one anyway. It goes without saying your dog is definitely a part of the equation there, as they aren’t just pets but also members of the family. But what kind of vehicle would be best? If you were a family of five (including the dog) what would be the best pick when it comes to drives where the whole gang tags along? Here, we explore different vehicles, and their pros and cons.


Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara is arguably one of the best pickup trucks available on the market today. Not only does it provide more than enough power to take you through almost any terrain, but you are also guaranteed a smooth ride because of its nigh-unparalleled suspension. When it comes to space, you will have a surplus if you choose this vehicle, as it can seat five inside, with a 1.8-meter truck bed at the back. The downside to choosing a pickup for your vehicle is that you will need to use a kennel for your canine companion, as their claws can damage the seats. The dog, obviously, would need to stay in the back, and if you choose not to use a kennel, there’s a possibility it would jump out at any time.


Nissan Almera

The Almera is the sedan’s representative in our list, and it also comes with its own impressive features. Being the most affordable vehicle on our list, it is definitely an attractive choice for the family, especially if you’re looking for something that doesn’t guzzle gas like a camel guzzles water after a day in the desert. It is also easily manageable, and parking space will not be an issue with its compact exterior, despite its still spacious interior. But even though it does have a lot of space compared to some other sedans, it will still be bit cramped if you were to include your canine companion in your drives. It wouldn’t be comfortable for the dog as well, as its head will possibly hit the ceiling of the car when they sit.


Nissan Terra

Being one of, if not the most anticipated vehicle released this year, the Nissan Terra sure is a beauty to behold. Though somewhat intimidating in size, you and the family will be provided with nothing but comfort when housed inside the SUV. Its spacious interior houses up to seven people, with the last row having the ability to be converted in order to make more room for some luggage, or anything else. The technology applied to this vehicle is nothing to scoff at either, with safety and comfort being the primary thrust of its design, despite its capability of taking dirt roads and similar terrain with ease. Although it is a bit of an investment, you are assured it will definitely give you your money’s worth if you choose to go with it.


And the winner is

When it comes to traveling with the family, both bipedal and quadruped, the SUV stands head and shoulders above the rest of the selections. It provides the safety and comfort you and your family need whenever traveling, whether it be a simple jaunt or a long-distance journey involving hundreds of miles, and it has more than enough space to house any luggage in the bag, as well as the dog.

You would also have the option to remove the last row of seats in order to have more space for your companion to walk around in if need be, and you can add an additional layer of matting, or even rug, to ensure the dog won’t be able to manage the vehicle’s interior. Despite the Terra claiming the victory in this selection, the Navara and Almera are also good picks, depending on the size of your family, and what you intend to use the vehicle for.

What to Look Forward to in the Nissan Terra

Ever since the rumors started circulating of a new Nissan SUV late last year, the entire automobile industry has been looking for all the details they could possibly get their hands on. When the Japanese car company finally confirmed the rumors earlier this year, a lot of enthusiasts immediately started to express interest in purchasing one. This has been a long time coming, because Nissan has already made an impact as one of the premier car manufacturers not only in the Asian market, but also in many others around the world.

Nissan Terra mall display

Supporters and fans will be glad to know that the Terra does not disappoint, and not only does it carry a lot of the favorite features of previous Nissan favorites, it also builds upon them, which gives the riders an overall better experience. Almost every facet of the car has been heightened, from the safety and control, to the comfort and design.

Nissan Terra Intelligent Mobility

From the company’s patented Intelligent Mobility System, to the lane departure warning and around view monitor capabilities, those who are interested in purchasing the Nissan Terra have a lot to look forward to in September. There are already a plethora of reviews of specs and features examination from multiple experts on the internet. Instead, what we’ll put out here are some of the things that they don’t really go into much detail but are really what sets the Terra apart from all others.



 Nissan Terra red

When it comes to how it looks on the outside, the Nissan Terra doesn’t disappoint. Although similar to the Navara especially when examined up front, it still has some features that make it unique, and has a more stylized and mature look compared to its pick-up counterpart. Nissan didn’t go for fancy and unnecessary when they modeled the Terra and did not include a fancy rear, unusually bulging front, and some sort of unique method of using steel to create a show of strength for the Terra. All in all, one could even say that the design is simple, but far from a bad way.

nissan terra off road

Although there are many modern designs that are reflected on the body, like the cameras that are visible around it, the LED headlamps, the multiple sensors and other similar features, overall it is still an honest, straightforward SUV. Despite the more refined design, one could never mistake this for anything else aside from an SUV, as almost every facet of it conveys power and muscle, like the wheelarches, the proportions, and the arguably best-in-class clearance from the ground. True to its name, the Nissan Terra truly looks like a vehicle that is suited for all kinds of terrain, in all kinds of weather and conditions.


The cabin

Nissan Terra Dashboard 

It’s straightforward design and feel is carried out even when one goes inside. The steering wheel, dashboard, and even the shifter are straight from the Navarra, so those who have driven the Terra’s mechanical twin will definitely sense a feeling of familiarity once they get inside the driver’s seat. Because of its no-nonsense layout, the dashboard continues to be a favorite of many, and the fact that they find it very easy to clean is an added bonus. Despite the similarities though, when you look around the inside of the car, you will immediately notice that it is definitely not a pick-up. The wagon-type body is immediately obvious, and the biggest difference would be the fact that the Nissan Terra is a three-row, seven-seater vehicle.


In China, a five-seater option was offered, but our market only stocks the seven-seater variant. Another unique feature of the Nissan Terra would be how one folds the seats in order to get access to the third row. The middle row allows the driver to tumble and fold the 60/40 split seats with a simple push of a button. These buttons are located just off the shifter, which means no fumbling in order to get to the last row is necessary. The third row can also be folded down to make more carriage space by using the usual two straps on the back.


In conclusion


These are just some of the features that drivers and passengers of the new Nissan Terra can look forward to. All in all, it provides the dependable, no-nonsense power that the older generation of SUVs had, but it also comes with all the creature comforts and futuristic innovations afforded by modern technology. All in all, the Nissan Terra is a good choice for any driver, whether you use it to go down a dirt road not often traveled, or to go to the city with the family for a night out.

Nissan Servicing and Warranty

One of the things drivers tend to prioritize when purchasing a new car is to make sure it is fully covered. It’s not that they expect they’re going to be part of a car crash someday, but rather it’s to make sure that they are prepared for any eventuality that might happen. It has served many a driver well several times, and when worst comes to worst, they would rather take it to the dealer where they purchased their vehicle, as it is most likely they would be the ones who know what needs to be done.

nissan warranty

Although it is common practice to take the vehicle to the dealer for repairs when needed, there are third-parties that offer car insurance as well. Most drivers prefer to avail of their services though when their warranty from the dealer expires, or if they purchased the vehicle pre-owned. However, even though owners would rather have their vehicle serviced in-house, a lot of them actually don’t know the full details of the warranty’s coverage. Some don’t even know when it would expire, and they would only find out when they finally do need to have the car serviced.

Nissan takes special care to inform any and all vehicle owners about their warranty service. Despite this though, because it isn’t really a topic that one thinks about often, most would forget about it until the time they need it. Here, we have laid out some details of Nissan’s service warranty.


Nissan new vehicle warranty

Nissan endeavors to provide all of their customers with peace of mind so they are able to focus on the exciting new experience of being a Nissan vehicle owner. The company ensures vehicle operation, but of course, it is within a certain set of limitations. Here, we will explain what these stipulations exactly are, and other details about the warranty like how long it lasts, and just what Nissan is able to do for the customer. Nissan also asks for confirmation from the customer, which can be found in the Warranty booklet that comes with each vehicle delivered.



nissan service

Basically, Nissan will guarantee that for a certain amount of time, or specific mileage which is laid out in the New Vehicle Warranty Period section of the booklet, the company will be responsible for replacing or repairing any part of the car. Of course, there are also certain parts or sections of the vehicle that are not covered. These replacements or repairs will only be done free of charge if the materials were proven to be defective.


Warranty period 

The period for the New Vehicle Warranty will start from the date that the vehicle is first put into service or registered, whichever comes first. For the time, the period shall be three years, and for the mileage, it will be 100,000 kilometers. The booklet also contains more details regarding this, which can be found under “New Vehicle Warranty Period.”


What the company can do

 nissan cagayan de oro servicenissan cagayan de oro service

Nissan has implemented a new vehicle pre-delivery inspection that they perform with each released vehicle. After this is done, and if the warranty applies, whenever the driver needs to have replacements and repairs done, no fees will be charged either for labor or parts, as long as it is taken to a nominated Nissan outlet, or authorized Nissan dealer.



So that the Nissan vehicle is able to receive the proper care and maintenance, scheduled maintenance services are the minimum requirement which can be performed at the owner’s discretion. So, if owners are not able to regularly go to the dealership or outlet and have their vehicle serviced, the company has the right to deny the warranty that owners wish to claim.


Not under coverage

Examples of what is not covered in the warranty are all types of tires and batteries, as they are subject to a separate warranty. Any failures or damage that resulted from any unauthorized modifications are also void, as well as any use of non-genuine Nissan equipment, parts, or accessories. Normal wear and tear is also not included in the warranty, as well as any damage that is a result of the owner using any dirty or improper fluid, fuel, lubricant, or oil. Of course, any misuse won’t be covered either, including but not limited to continuous driving after loss of any fluids, driving over curbs, or overloading.


Take note that these are merely examples, and all the details regarding the service warranty can be gleaned from the booklet given to each owner upon vehicle delivery.



Nissan Terra Features and Prices in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, the mid-sized SUV battle has always been a tightly one. A lot of major manufacturers have placed their bets, and as of now, there has been no clear-cut winner. Every year, car companies bring out new versions of their prized SUVs, and they never fail to impress. With newer technology going into the creation of these beauties, and more features aimed at enhancing the rider’s experience, one can always expect that the new SUVs coming up will definitely be a good match for anyone who likes to ride in style.

Nissan is no different, as just this year the Japanese company has released their own contender for the mid-sized SUV crown: the Nissan Terra. Originally sold in China by Dongfeng Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan, the Nissan Terra was launched in the Philippines last May. Compared to the Chinese version of the vehicle, the Philippine Nissan Terra is slightly wider and longer, and also seats more passengers. Developed from the Nissan Navara NP300, the Terra sports a look similar to that of the Nissan Terrano. The car has been much-anticipated since October of last year, when car enthusiast circles were bombarded with the announcement that a Navara-based SUV was to arrive.




Looking at the Nissan Terra up front, it definitely looks the part of a powerful SUV. It has this muscular look due to its Nissan signature V-shaped chrome grille, as well as sharply designed headlights that also have LED daytime running lamps. Another feature that you can see from looking at it face to face is the large air intake and the huge front bumper. To its side, the Terra has 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as flared fenders and chrome-finished door handles. It also has a moderately high ground clearance of 220mm, which is clearly visible because of the high sitting stance. At the back, it features a unique set of tail lights that are combined with a chrome trim.




Going inside the Nissan Terra, one will immediately notice that the interior closely resembles that of the Nissan Navara. It has a sloping dashboard and a V-shaped steering wheel, and higher variants also feature automatic climate control system and rear air vents. When it comes to space, the Nissan Terra is capable of seating up to seven passengers in three rows.

Mounting and dismounting for those on the third row is less of a hassle now due to the vehicle’s automatic tumble function, wherein a simple push of a button on the dashboard will allow passengers on the third row to easily move in or get out. The Terra also has Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Features, and is loaded with an intelligent rear view mirror, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, hill-descent control, and more.


Engine and Performance

 nissan terra engine

Because the Nissan Terra will have the same body-on-frame chassis design as the Navara, the vehicle will have the same 4×4, and powerful off-road capability similar to that of the Navara. As opposed to the 2.5L QR25 gas engine in the Chinese model, the ASEAN market Terra features a 2.5L YD25DDTi turbo-diesel engine, again, like that of the Navara. This robust engine can give out 187 horse power and 450 Nm of torque, working together with either a six-speed manual, or seven-speed automatic transmission. Despite the big numbers that the Nissan Terra is able to deliver power-wise, those inside are still guaranteed a comfortable ride as Nissan prioritized passenger comfort.

nissan terra dashboard



The Nissan Terra’s price varies depending on the capabilities of the engine and the transmission. The prices are as follows:


  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Mid 4×2 Six speed Manual Transmission                                  PHP 1,499,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Mid 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                        PHP 1,615,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L High 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                        PHP 1,697,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Premium 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                PHP 1,899,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Premium 4×4 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                PHP 2,096,000


In closing


The mid-sized SUV market has just gotten a lot more competitive with Nissan’s brand new contender. The Terra is the perfect choice for those who love the power and comfort that the Nissan Navara provides, but prefer SUVs over pick-up trucks. The Nissan Terra will go head to head with the vehicles from other manufacturers, particularly the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Isuzu MU-X, and more. Only time will tell which one will come out on top though, and for now all we can do is enjoy the features and capabilities that these high-end SUVs give us.