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Nissan Playstation GT Academy in Cagayan de Oro City

Last June 5, 2015 Nissan Philippines and Nissan CDO DIstributors Inc. brought to the city the Nissan Playstation GT Academy.

A global competition that gives amateur aspiring racers the opportunity to make their dreams a reality, the GT Academy invites driving enthusiasts to try their luck at the Playstation pod and give the wheel their best shot. Leaderboards are flashed at each event to show everyone the time they need to beat to make it to the Top 20 at the national level.


Nissan GT Academy CDO

Nissan GT Academy Playstation Pods


The Nissan GT Academy CDO was held in Ayala Centrio Mall. Everyone was welcome to join! From seasoned drivers to excited teens and curious kids, everyone had fun trying to beat each other’s record.

The event extended to June 6, Saturday, and coincided with the end of the Ride & Drive with the Navara NP300.

Nissan GT Academy Rules

Nissan GT Academy CDO


Nissan-PlayStation GT Academy – Year 1 In the Philippines

Calling all motor racing hopefuls. The chance for you to shine in the world of motor racing has come at last. Are you a racing enthusiast? Do you dream of becoming the next Kimi Raikkonen or Sebastian Vettel, riding that scarlet red beast of a machine on a Formula 1 circuit? Or the next Danica Patrick, perhaps? Are you wishing—while playing your favorite racing game on your PlayStation—that you’re inside the cockpit of a 3.5L V6 engine NISSAN 350Z, leaving smoke and black streaks on the tarmac? If you’re quick enough, your dream might just come true.
The NISSAN GT Academy is now in the Philippines. NISSAN, in collaboration with SONY PlayStation and Polyphony Digital, is bringing the race to all the aspiring Filipino racers out there. From Luzon to Mindanao, you will have a chance to learn from the best racing drivers in the industry and compete in an International level. And all you have to do is qualify in the live events that are held in various locations all over the Philippines.

What are the Qualifications for GT Academy in the Philippines?


What started as a pan-European contest has now become a global program for motor racing hopefuls. GT Academy Asia, which includes the Philippines and Japan as participating countries, is bringing the race to you.

Everyone is invited to join the Live Events, which gives you the chance to prove your mettle in a racing simulator using GTA pods. The top 20 fastest lap times in the regional Live Events will then qualify for the next stage of the competition – The National Finals, which will be held in July 2015.

To be eligible to win, participants must be at least 18 years of age, must have a valid driver’s license, must undergo a mandatory health screening for vision and physical fitness, and must have an updated passport. Contestants who have existing, or previously held, competition driving contracts and have previously competed in any national level racing competition are no longer eligible.

GT Academy Live Event Schedules

Live Events for GT Academy in the Philippines are held at the following locations:

Robinsons Bacolod: June 5-7
Centrio Mall Cagayan de Oro: June 5-6
SM Ecoland Davao: June 12-14
SM Cebu: June 11-17

There is no registration fee required! Even children are permitted to have a go. To make thing more exciting, leaderboards are shown during the live events. Those who are waiting for their turn can see the time they need to beat in order to be one of the Top 20.

The top 20 nationwide finalists from the Live Events will have a chance to compete in the National Finals, where their driving skills and mental toughness will truly be tested. The top 6 finalists will then proceed to the next level of the competition, held at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in the UK, where they will be tested alongside other GT Academy Asian finalists for their mental toughness, physical agility, and of course their racing skills.