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Here Comes the Boom! The Nissan Juke N-Style Special Edition

As if the original Nissan Juke wasn’t already enough of a standout in terms of style and pizzazz, after a year in the market, Nissan has come up with a way to celebrate the success of the Juke by introducing an even more stylish and eye-catching model.


Here’s our latest offering, the Nissan Juke N-Style Special Edition.

After the major success of last year’s Juke N-Sport, the Juke Stinger, and the Juke Black Pearl editions, the multinational car manufacturer has decided to grace its loyal patrons with a limited edition model, the Nissan Juke N-Style Special Edition. It comes with two color combinations; Cosmic Blue with white accents and Black Obsidian with yellow accents.


What’s in store for this new Nissan Juke limited edition variant?


The Nissan Juke was already a standout by itself. What could anybody do to make an already unique vehicle even more stylish and exceptional? Nissan outdid itself with the Juke N-Style. Its bolder, sleeker, and even more impressive look makes the N-Style a true masterpiece and a standout on the road.

The Cosmic Blue variant gives you a Juke that has a refreshing look with a nice shade of blue, with white accents strategically placed in specific areas like the headlamp garnish, the handle covers, side mirror caps, and tailgate handle finishers just to highlight the sleek design of the car.


The Black Obsidian variant does something different for the Juke. The shade makes the car look bolder and more lavish-looking. It’s the perfect color choice for someone who doesn’t shy away from the attention they might get from driving the Juke N-Style. This color variant has a yellow finish located in specific areas of the car, like the rear roof spoiler, front and rear bumper accents, side mirror covers, and so on.

So what about the interior enhancements?

The interior features of the Juke N-Style are quite elegant. It’s full of style, lives up to its namesake, and has artistry worth admiring. Like the leather-wrapped steering wheel with colored stitching, the colored center console and shift panel garnish, the window switch finishers with color stitching, or the amazing work on the leather seats with colored stitching, the interior esthetics alone is enough to keep you in awe.


The Key Features of the Nissan Juke N-Style


When it comes to the core features, there’s not much difference between the original Nissan Juke and the special edition variant. The N-Style still comes with the keyless entry feature and the standard push button-ignition option.

Everything about the N-Style Juke’s cabin exudes comfort and efficiency, from the beautiful design of the gauges to the state-of-the-art control system that lets you adjust specific features inside the car with a single touch; from climate control to your preferred driving mode.

And just like every car produced by Nissan, the Juke N-Style also adopts the Nissan Safety Shield Philosophy and features the latest technology in safety and protection for its occupants. The Advanced Air Bag System with dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seatbelt and occupant-classification sensors help ensure safety and protection for the driver and the passengers.

Front seat-mounted side-impact and roof-mounted curtain side-impact air bags serve as additional protection throughout the cabin.


What about performance?


When it comes to performance, the Nissan Juke, as well as the latest N-Style Special Edition, features a dynamic control system that allows you to take control of the vehicle with a simple push of a button.


The control system lets you choose among three driving setups; normal mode, sport mode, and eco mode. The latter option is about fuel efficiency, as it allows you to make the most out of every drop of fuel.


The Nissan Juke, and its different variations, also features the Xtronic CVT Transmission, providing an easy and smooth driving experience, as well as seamless transition between gears.


Judging by the original Nissan Juke, its topnotch performance and great features, there’s really no reason why the Juke N-Style won’t be considered a best buy for any car enthusiast. It’s got the power, fuel efficiency, and the pizzazz you want in a car. You really can’t ask for anything better.


So if you want to drive in style and standout on the road, visit a Nissan dealer near you and checkout your options. The starting price for the Juke N-Style is only PHP 1,080,000 and they’re only producing 500 units, so you better hurry.


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