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Nissan and Microsoft Cortana: The Next Step in Smart Vehicles

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is held every year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a few notable highlights and surprises this year. From the latest in computer technology to flat screen TVs, to the newest smartphones and other smart home devices, all of the consumer products presented in the show early this year have certainly given us hope for a great and exciting 2017.

That’s not all.

Of all the newsworthy releases and presentations made by various electronics manufacturers, there is one announcement that really made a few ripples in the industry. That was when Microsoft announced its plans to integrate the Windows 10, along with its proprietary software Microsoft Cortana smart assistant, to a Nissan car.


If this news tells you anything, it’s that some time in the near future, Windows’ smart assistant will play a major role in the way you drive your new Nissan car.


The Microsoft Cortana Software in a Nutshell

Cortana is a software application that works as an intelligent personal assistant developed by Microsoft for various platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, their gaming platform Xbox One, Microsoft Band, as well as for the iOS and Android systems.

This smart assistant can recognize the voice of the user and accept commands through audio input rather than typed commands via keyboard. It can answer queries by using data found through the Bing search engine, in addition to performing basic tasks like setting reminders and so on.

Here’s more:

Besides English, the Cortana smart assistant is also available in other languages, including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, depending on the region in which the software is used and the software platform being used. Microsoft’s Cortana smart assistant is not the first one of its kind; it’s competing with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

So what was so groundbreaking with Microsoft’s announcement in Nevada during CES 2017?

If you take away anything from the consumer electronics show this year, it would be the great potential that the budding relationship between Microsoft and Nissan can accomplish in the near future. Microsoft has announced their plans to integrate their software into Nissan cars. The concept, if successful, is poised to compete with other smart car systems already available in the market.


What Microsoft’s Cortana Smart Assistant Can Do for Nissan’s Infotainment System

If you consider the software technology being used in most cars, today, it’s somewhat limited in its capabilities due to the fact that it’s all proprietary. Proprietary software development is great from a business standpoint, but you can’t deny the fact that it can keep the end product from reaching its full potential.

Here’s the thing.

Microsoft has been in the software development business for decades. Nissan has been in the automotive industry for decades as well. Now, you put the two together and you will be getting the best of both worlds. It’s easy to see how this can be a boon for us consumers.

With Microsoft integrating its software into Nissan cars, you are not just driving a well-made and well-designed vehicle, but you will also have an intuitive and smart user interface on the dashboard. The future of smart automobiles has never been this exciting. Not since they invented the automatic transmission, perhaps?


Nissan’s Self-Driving Technology with Windows 10 and Cortana Smart Assistant

Here is where things can get a wee bit more exciting.

Nissan released a demo video of what the Cortana software can do to your vehicle. Apart from the fundamental features and capabilities of Microsoft’s smart assistant, there were glimpses of Cortana’s true potential in its full integration in self-driving vehicles,as shown in the video.


The best part?

With a few tweaks and further development, this smart assistant software would be capable of completely taking over a fully automated, self-driving vehicle in the near future. The same way similar software can fully control a smart home, from room temperature settings to security systems.

There was one point in the demo video where Cortana actually asked the driver whether to engage the car’s automatic parking feature, this unequivocally shows the main goal of Microsoft’s efforts and initiatives in the field of automated vehicles.


With this piece of smart technology, and the cooperation of two titans in their respective industries, the future of fully automated self-driving vehicles has never felt more realized. Visit your local Nissan dealer soon and check out their new smart assistant, Cortana.

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