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Nissan Juke – Was It Worth the Wait?

A few years ago, rumors circulated about the Nissan Juke being launched in the Philippines very soon. This month, in celebration of the second anniversary of Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI), those rumors were not only laid to rest, but joyously confirmed to be true. NPI has indeed brought the compact crossover SUV to the country. It was their way of kicking off their latest campaign, “Rediscover Excitement, Rediscover Nissan.”


The campaign is aimed at reliving the glory days of Nissan, and NPI felt that the launch of the Juke, with its unique character and sporty look, is the perfect way to get the campaign started. But does it live up to the high expectations? Is it really the best car model to start a campaign with? Well, the only way to find out is to take a closer look at the car in question. Let’s go!


Key Features and Specs


  • 6L HR16DE DOHC gasoline engine
  • 154Nm of torque
  • 116PS of power
  • Integrated Control System (I-CON)
  • Xtronic Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • 5-person seating capacity
  • 60/40-split bench rear seat
  • Dual front air bags
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Rear parking camera
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Signature V-grille
  • Boomerang-shaped LED lamps


A Closer Look at The Juke


If car specs don’t really make that much sense to you, allow us to help you get to know this stylish new entry of Nissan Philippines.


The Exterior

Nissan Juke – Was It Worth the Wait?

At first glance, you’ll immediately notice that the Juke looks absolutely nothing like the other Nissan cars currently being offered in the Philippine market. It is a sport crossover with a very aggressive front and rear design, and standing at a 2520mm wheelbase. It measures 4135mm x 1765mm x 1580mm (LxWxH). The Juke’s front has Halogen Projector w/ LED Clearance Lamps headlights and huge circular fog lamps. It also has a colored front bumper that features Nissan’s signature V-motion chrome grille. The side features LED side turners with auto-folding, power-adjustable side turn lamps. The car’s rear has LED signature lamps and an intermittent wiper.


The Interior

Nissan Juke – Was It Worth the Wait?

The Juke has fabric-covered body-hugging seats and a manually adjustable driver’s seat that has an active-restraint headrest. It also features an automatically illuminated glove box and a spacious center console. The back of the interior has an audio head unit and computer display meter. The sporty look of the car is also evident in the silver center trim and rounded metal door handles.


Comfort and Convenience

Nissan Juke – Was It Worth the Wait?

The Juke’s intelligent display system known as I-CON offers driving convenience by allowing you to customize drive and climate modes. This means you can adjust the atmosphere inside the vehicle to perfectly suit your preferences. The vehicle also has a push start system that adds even more to the convenience it offers.


Safety Features

Nissan Juke – Was It Worth the Wait?

Other than the dual front air bags and anti-lock braking system mentioned earlier, the Juke also ensures your safety with its brake assist and brake force distribution. Furthermore, it is armed with an anti-theft system that has a built-in immobilizer! If you have kids, then you’ll be glad to know Tether and ISO-FIX ensures child protection in the vehicle.


The Verdict


Considering all of the above features, functions, and specifications, it really does seem like the Juke is worth the wait. And when you consider further that it is set to sell at less than a million pesos (PHP980,000 to be exact), one can easily forgive Nissan Philippines for taking so long to bring this funky crossover to our shores, right?


Remember, though that this is a small vehicle, categorized as a subcompact crossover. If you’re looking for a family car and you have a large family, this may (unfortunately) not be the vehicle for you. But if you only have a family of four, or if you’re single and are looking for just this type of car, then the Juke is certainly worth checking out; at least go for a test drive in it!


The closest competitors we can find for Nissan’s latest addition to the Philippine market are the Ford EcoSport and the soon-to-be-launched Mazda CX-3. It does have the advantage of being a bit bigger and more powerful than the Ford. As to how it compares with the upcoming Mazda, we’ll just have to wait and see.


When Nissan Philippines finally starts selling the Juke in January of 2016, you can take your pick from 4 fun colors: Solar Yellow, Red Alert, Pearl White, and Obsidian Black. It certainly took its time coming to the Philippines, but when we saw what the Juke had to offer, we were once again reminded that patience is indeed a virtue.

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