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In this article, we will be introducing the all-new and updated Livina. This gorgeous new MPV model has some impressive features that you might want to check out.


Built by none other than the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer, Nissan, this compact MPV was actually first introduced in 2006. It was the first Nissan vehicle presented in China, before it was released to other countries.

nissan livina cagayan de oro

Nissan today launched the All New Nissan Livina and the All New Nissan Serena in Indonesia.

Now, in 2019, Nissan finally launched the new and updated version of the Livina model last February 19, alongside their other upscale MPV, the Nissan Serena, in the Indonesian market. The vehicle was first previewed on Nissan Indonesia’s Instagram page a day before the event, and it definitely lived up to the hype with its bleeding edge technology and stylish design, all added into the growing Livina series.


2019 updates


Before heading into a detailed description of this coveted vehicle, it should also be mentioned that you can most probably find it’s an exact replica of Mitsubishi’s Xpander MPV. Yup, you read that right. With Nissan’s ongoing partnership with Mitsubishi, also known as the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, it looks like they finally hit the jackpot with this brand-new model of the Livina. It looks exactly like the Mitsubishi model except for the V-Motion design for the grille area, compared to the Xpander’s Dynamic Shield, and the boomerang-shaped LED headlights. For the interior, on the other hand, only the badges on their steering wheels seem to be the only bit that sets the two apart. The overall atmosphere and the whole design and layout all give out Xpander vibes.

Now on to the specifics. Some remarkable features were introduced during the event in Indonesia, and this includes the infotainment system, which enables a smartphone to be flawlessly incorporated to the vehicle with its smartphone connected real-time navigation system. Additionally, driving aids, namely, the Hill Start Assist (HAS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), and a Traction Control System (TCS), greatly improve safety.


Another feature worthy of being mentioned is the new flexible seating variation, which normally allows the car to accommodate seven passengers with its layout. However, when seats are folded down, the car can then transform to one that can efficiently carry and transport cargo. This allows for a cozy atmosphere for families while also having spacious room for luggage and other stuff.


Meanwhile, Nissan chose to maintain the engine of the Xpander, with its 1.5-Liter DOHC mill, having the capacity of 104 hp at 6,000 rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. It also comes with two options of a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic gearbox, leaving customers room for more choices.


Also, Nissan is releasing five variants of the new model, with some models featuring a few electronic assists than the base model. All variants will also be furnished with Electronic Brake Distribution and Anti-lock Braking System, while the Nissan Braking Assist will only surface in the VL A/T variant.


Nissan Livina in the Philippines


Now that we have outlined both existing and new features of the 2019 Livina model, surely there is a lot of curiosity going around whether this model will be released in Philippine shores as well. For those looking for a good automobile that can fit the needs of a large family and for living in a busy city with almost daily commute, this new model can certainly be a successful and practical choice.

Although no word has been released yet from Nissan Philippines regarding the arrival of this particular vehicle, it looks like there is a possibility of this happening when looking back a few years ago to what happened to Mitsubishi’s Xpander. From its debut in Indonesia in 2017, the Philippines had to wait for a year before customer deliveries began in 2018. Mainly because of the huge demand in the Indonesian market, Mitsubishi had no choice but to pacify first its home market before meeting the clamor of its other global consumers. Therefore, it looks like the Philippines would have to wait patiently for the results of the new Livina model’s distribution in the Indonesian market.


What about you, do you think you would be purchasing this latest addition to Nissan’s Livina series?

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