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Petron and the Nissan Urvan Fuel Rewards Program

Get Better Value When You Purchase a New Nissan Urvan from Authorized Dealers


The Urvan is well-known for its spacious leg room, the remarkable seating capacity, and of course, fuel economy.

The Urvan Fuel Rewards Program, presented by Nissan and Petron, is designed to double up on fuel economy and service value via Petron’s Value Card, which is given to every customer upon purchase of the Nissan Urvan within the promo period.

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So how does this reward program work?


The Details behind the Nissan Urvan Fuel Rewards Program


Eligibility for the program is reserved for purchasing customers who buy any variant of the Urvan within the promo period. The Nissan vehicle must also be acquired through any of the participating dealerships throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


Anyone associated with the Nissan Group—shareholders, dealership owners, directors, employees, and their relatives—are not eligible for the promo.


For a purchase to be valid, the following conditions have to be met:


  • The Nissan Urvan must be purchased by the customer between April 1st and June 30th, 2017, which is reflected on the sale invoice issued by the participating dealer.


  • The purchased vehicle must be delivered and accepted by the purchasing customer within five working days of the month immediately following the month specified on the invoice.


Once the vehicle is delivered and the purchase is validated according to the terms and conditions of the promo, the purchasing customer is then given a free Nissan-Petron Value Card. The customer can use this Value Card to purchase Petron products and services in any authorized Petron Station in the country.


The Nissan-Petron Value Card provides several major standard benefits and privileges, including free 24/7 towing and roadside assistance, free personal accident insurance, as well as earning a specific number of points for every purchase of Petron products, ranging from engine oils to diesel fuels and Petron Gasul.


Are you planning on buying a brand new Nissan Urvan? Make your purchase now and avail of the Urvan Fuel Rewards Program.



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