Nissan Cagayan de Oro

Patrol Super Safari


Power up to: 131ps
Max Torque: 354

4X4 A/T SUPER SAFARI (2015): P2,795,000.00


  • 3 Litres
  • Diesel
  • 4 WD
  • 4 Speed At
  • 120 ps
  • 7 Seats
  • Remote engine starter cut function
  • Park assist with rear view
  • Side mirror LED turn signals
  • Steering wheel-mounted remote control for the multi-media system

On The Road

NISSAN Products shown may vary from the actual commercial NISSAN Products released in the Philippines.


Front Chrome Grille

The angled strut front chrome grille design of Nissan Patrol Super Safari exemplifies strength and tough identities of all Nissan SUV.


Door mirrors

Nissan Patrol Super Safari takes hold of elegance to the details as seen in its door mirrors that compliment the body colors.


The newly redesigned body colored overfenders equates to the supreme levels of style the Nissan Patrol Super Safari upholds.

Impressive radial tires and attractive alloy wheels

18 inch, 285/60R18 impressive radial tires and attractive alloy wheels gives the PATROL SUPER SAFARI a formidable appearance.

Custom-fit tire cover

Safekeep your spare tire with the custom-fit tire cover available in diesel variants of Nissan Patrol Super Safari.

Superior off-road performance

Superior off-road performance is assured by the higher angle of stability, improved gradeability, and larger approach, departure, and ramp clearance angles.


2WD to 4WD shift

It allows shifting from 2WD to 4WD with one touch of the lever, possible even in motion (up to 40km/h).

Outstanding Capability

It makes work easy on rough roads and unexpected obstacles.

Telescopic shock absorbers

It features telescopic shock absorbers and a torsion bar that helps provide confident handling.

Electronically controlled power steering

Electronically controlled power steering ensures effortless control at low speeds and firm handling at high speeds.

Door Mirrors

The door mirrors of the PATROL SUPER SAFARI can be adjusted electronically and folded to narrow its width in tight situations.


Side Step Board

With convenience in mind, side step board was placed for ease in going in and out of the vehicle.

Halogen Headlights

Highly effective halogen headlights provide ample illumination in low-light situations.

Rear Combination Lamps

The Safari’s bigger rear combination lamps are reliable signal device when making important swings.

Backing Up Camera

Backing up camera with distance guide lines viewed on the stereo LCD monitor; camera mounted on the backdoor finisher.


LED Signal Lamps

Power side mirrors with red LED turn signals.

Front fog lights

Nissan PATROL SUPER SAFARI’s front fog lights can cut through fog and heavy rain, increasing vision significantly that provides utmost safety.

Halogen headlights

Highly effective halogen headlights that provide sufficient illumination in all low-light situations.

High-mounted Stop Lamp

It provides high visibility at all times specifically during night driving and sends alert to motorists behind.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

By electronically regulating brake fluid pressure on each wheel, ABS prevents wheel lockup during sudden brake to enhance vehicle control in potentially hazardous situations.

Load Sensing Valve (LSV)

Automatically senses total load and weight distribution and optimizes the balance in brake pressure between the front disc and rear disc brakes.

Dual SRS airbag

The dual SRS airbag inflates instantaneously to cushion both driver and front passenger in the event a collision. Used in conjunction with the 3-point seatbelts, they help reduce the risk of injury in certain types of frontal impact.

Exclusive Zone Body design

Nissan’s exclusive Zone Body design significantly increases safety with the crushable zones that reduce shock by absorbing impact energy and a reinforced cabin that safeguards vehicle occupants.


Get Inside

NISSAN Products shown may vary from the actual commercial NISSAN Products released in the Philippines.

Instrument Panel

The newly designed instrument panel immediately gives the interior of the vehicle a strong contemporary appearance.



The colored, large, bright lettering of the meters makes the speedometer and gauge easy to read at a glance.


Double sunvisors with extenders for both the driver and front passenger gives protection from front and side glare simultaneously.

Leather and wood grain

Take control of the tasteful feel of Patrol Super Safari’s leather and wood grain steering wheel mounted with audio controls.

5-speed automatic transmission

The 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode is a pleasure to operate. (TB48DE gas engine)

GPS Technology

Nissan Patrol Super Safari Quickn2 the first and only luxury SUV with GPS Technology.New QUICKN2 Anti-Theft system with engine starter cut

Versatile Seats Configuration

Stretch out and relax — in every way. The seats have been designed to provide greater comfort and support.


Leather seats

Slide into its new beige leather seats and come face to face with the new wood grain interior trims.

Aircondition System

With passengers real-life needs in mind, Patrol’s aircondition system now comes with automatic front and manual rear climate control.

Inner-door handle

Slip out of the PATROL SUPER SAFARI with a gentle tug on the shiny chrome inner-door handle.


Handy cupholders

Handy cupholders, thoughtfully positioned throughout the interior.

Power outlet

Convenience was the core behind Patrol’s interior design. With the accessory power outlet on hand, maximum use of electronic gadget while on the road gives you worry-free.

Dual map lamps

Get instant illumination just when you needed it with Patrol’s built in dual map lamps.

6-speaker audio system

Surround yourself in sultry sounds with a 6-speaker audio system.


Music at your fingertips

Music at your fingertips! Make any drive more pleasant with controls mounted directly on the steering wheel.

7 inch monitor

7 inch monitor (black finish) mounted at the backside of the front seat headrest for rear (2nd row) passenger viewing.