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Nissan Terra Features and Prices in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, the mid-sized SUV battle has always been a tightly one. A lot of major manufacturers have placed their bets, and as of now, there has been no clear-cut winner. Every year, car companies bring out new versions of their prized SUVs, and they never fail to impress. With newer technology going into the creation of these beauties, and more features aimed at enhancing the rider’s experience, one can always expect that the new SUVs coming up will definitely be a good match for anyone who likes to ride in style.

Nissan is no different, as just this year the Japanese company has released their own contender for the mid-sized SUV crown: the Nissan Terra. Originally sold in China by Dongfeng Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan, the Nissan Terra was launched in the Philippines last May. Compared to the Chinese version of the vehicle, the Philippine Nissan Terra is slightly wider and longer, and also seats more passengers. Developed from the Nissan Navara NP300, the Terra sports a look similar to that of the Nissan Terrano. The car has been much-anticipated since October of last year, when car enthusiast circles were bombarded with the announcement that a Navara-based SUV was to arrive.




Looking at the Nissan Terra up front, it definitely looks the part of a powerful SUV. It has this muscular look due to its Nissan signature V-shaped chrome grille, as well as sharply designed headlights that also have LED daytime running lamps. Another feature that you can see from looking at it face to face is the large air intake and the huge front bumper. To its side, the Terra has 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as flared fenders and chrome-finished door handles. It also has a moderately high ground clearance of 220mm, which is clearly visible because of the high sitting stance. At the back, it features a unique set of tail lights that are combined with a chrome trim.




Going inside the Nissan Terra, one will immediately notice that the interior closely resembles that of the Nissan Navara. It has a sloping dashboard and a V-shaped steering wheel, and higher variants also feature automatic climate control system and rear air vents. When it comes to space, the Nissan Terra is capable of seating up to seven passengers in three rows.

Mounting and dismounting for those on the third row is less of a hassle now due to the vehicle’s automatic tumble function, wherein a simple push of a button on the dashboard will allow passengers on the third row to easily move in or get out. The Terra also has Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Features, and is loaded with an intelligent rear view mirror, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, hill-descent control, and more.


Engine and Performance

 nissan terra engine

Because the Nissan Terra will have the same body-on-frame chassis design as the Navara, the vehicle will have the same 4×4, and powerful off-road capability similar to that of the Navara. As opposed to the 2.5L QR25 gas engine in the Chinese model, the ASEAN market Terra features a 2.5L YD25DDTi turbo-diesel engine, again, like that of the Navara. This robust engine can give out 187 horse power and 450 Nm of torque, working together with either a six-speed manual, or seven-speed automatic transmission. Despite the big numbers that the Nissan Terra is able to deliver power-wise, those inside are still guaranteed a comfortable ride as Nissan prioritized passenger comfort.

nissan terra dashboard



The Nissan Terra’s price varies depending on the capabilities of the engine and the transmission. The prices are as follows:


  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Mid 4×2 Six speed Manual Transmission                                  PHP 1,499,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Mid 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                        PHP 1,615,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L High 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                        PHP 1,697,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Premium 4×2 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                PHP 1,899,000
  • Nissan Terra 2.5L Premium 4×4 Seven speed Automatic Transmission                PHP 2,096,000


In closing


The mid-sized SUV market has just gotten a lot more competitive with Nissan’s brand new contender. The Terra is the perfect choice for those who love the power and comfort that the Nissan Navara provides, but prefer SUVs over pick-up trucks. The Nissan Terra will go head to head with the vehicles from other manufacturers, particularly the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Isuzu MU-X, and more. Only time will tell which one will come out on top though, and for now all we can do is enjoy the features and capabilities that these high-end SUVs give us.

Buy a Nissan Almera, Take Home a Juke Raffle Promo

Ever wanted to buy an affordable sedan that offers luxurious design and fuel economy? The Nissan Almera may just be the right fit for you. It has an artistic style and luxurious design that will definitely turn some heads on the road.

You can actually take home a brand new Nissan Almera for as low as PHP 35,000, the lowest down payment ever. It’s a great deal and a great value for your money.

But wait. There’s more!

Nissan is also giving away three (3) brand new Nissan Juke 1.6 CVT Standard Editions to three lucky customers who purchased an Almera within the promo period. This is a nationwide promo.

If the Nissan Almera isn’t enticing enough for you, then maybe the Juke will provide you with the right incentive to buy Nissan Almera? Buying one will give you the chance to take home the 1.6 CVT Juke SE as well.


About the Buy Nissan Almera, Win a Juke Raffle Promo

So who are eligible for the Nissan Juke raffle promo?

First off, you will need to purchase any variant of the Nissan Almera within the promo period in order to qualify. The Almera must be purchased through any authorized participating Nissan dealerships from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The following conditions must be met in order for the purchase to be valid under the promo:

  • The Nissan Almera must be purchased within the promo period, which is April 1st to June 30th, 2017.
  • The newly purchased Nissan Almera must be delivered to the customer no later than five working days, and it must be accepted by the purchasing customer.


Once the delivery is completed and the conditions are met, the purchasing customer will then be given one (1) raffle coupon, which must be filled out and dropped at any of the designated drop boxes.

The deadline for the dropping of coupons and draw dates are as follows:

  • May 6, 2017 – Deadline for dropping of coupons (1st draw is on May 16, 2017)
  • June 7, 2017 – Deadline (2nd draw on June 15, 2017)
  • July 7, 2017 – Deadline (3rd draw on July 18, 2017)


So what are you waiting for? Contact your Nissan dealer now and visit the promotional link for more information about the Nissan Juke Raffle Promo.

A Look into the Limited Edition Nissan Juke N-Sport

The Nissan Juke is one stylish sub-compact sport crossover.


But somehow, Nissan Philippines believes it may not be enough of a standout for some people. Hence, they are introducing a jazzed up version, which features both exterior and interior tweaks.

Read on for a quick run-down of the features of the new Nissan Juke N-Sport.


Enjoy the Sportier Exterior

The most obvious difference between the original Juke and the N-Sport version is the black racing stripes design found at the back of the car as well as on the hood. There are also added decals on the sides of the Juke N-Sport. These added visuals render a sportier look to the already attractive vehicle.

The latest version of the Juke also has a rear spoiler that perfectly complements the vehicle’s sloping roofline as well as silver under protector on the front and rear that completes the look. And as if you need further evidence that this is a different version of the car, it also features an “N-Sport” badge at the back. You may also notice that the vehicle has a new exhaust pipe.


Revel in the More Convenient Interior

Although there isn’t much of a difference in the interior of the two versions of the Juke, it is quite noticeable that the N-Sport has door plates that light up every time you open the vehicle’s door. And you’ll be sure to appreciate the new armrest center console, which not only makes the ride more comfortable, but also offers more storage space.


Where the car’s engine is concerned, the N-Sport is powered by the same 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine that churns out 116 horsepower and 154 Nm of torque. The engine is also mated to the same Nissan Xtronic CVT that is found in the original Juke.


How Much Do You Need to Shell Out?


Since the N-Sport version is being marketed as an “improved version” of the Nissan Juke, one would expect it to come with a heftier price tag than the original Juke, which sells for PHP 980,000. That expectation would indeed be on the money (pun intended), as the Juke N-Sport is priced at PHP 1,039,000

Is it worth the higher price?

We set out to answer that all-important question for you.


The Verdict


First off, allow us to give you fair warning.

Do not go to a Nissan dealer for a closer look at the vehicle unless you are prepared to be utterly mesmerized. We can’t quite put a finger on it, but there is something about the Juke (both versions) that just grabs your attention and once it has you riveted, you’ll find it almost impossible to turn away, much less walk away without signing a check for a brand-new Juke.

This isn’t to say that the vehicle is perfect. In fact, we will be straight with you and tell you outright that it isn’t. Its most notable imperfection is the transmission, which definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Somehow, the CVT in this crossover isn’t at par with some CVTs we’ve tested in other vehicles.

If you’re an extremely observant driver, you would also notice that when you floor the Juke’s accelerator, there is a slight pause before power is transferred to the car’s wheels. The pause becomes less noticeable if you set the vehicle in “sport” mode, but it’s still there. It would certainly be a smart move to give go for a test drive before making a purchase decision so you can determine if this pause bothers you or not.


Are the above imperfections enough to make the Juke N-Sport a turn-off?

Not in the least. Despite these imperfections, the Juke N-Sport is still an impressive vehicle, just like the original Juke. Its overall compact feel and short wheelbase enables it to handle even the tightest corners remarkably. And although it is a sporty car, it is still highly comfortable to drive, even with the sorry state of our roads.

With the difference between the two Jukes limited to the exterior look, illuminated door plates, and new armrest center console, is it really worth paying PHP 50,000 more for the N-Sport edition?

The decision, of course, is all yours to make.


The thing is:

A vehicle purchase is very rarely decided in rational fashion. More often, the decision is driven by pure gut feel and emotional connection. This could very well be one of those incidences. Make no mistake about it, it will be almost impossible not to feel an instant attachment to the Nissan Juke N-Sport.


The All-new Nissan Urvan NV350: Comfort at its Finest


With the unveiling of the new NV350 Urvan, Nissan’s commitment to continually modernize their vehicle offering becomes apparent. This fifth-generation van is the latest in a line of cargo haulers that dates all the way back to 1973. With this new model, Nissan aims to serve the needs and meet the stringent demands of shuttle operators, family users, and entrepreneurs. This is why they chose to give the Urvan a total overhaul on both its exterior and interior design. So, how does the NV350 measure up? Let’s find out.


The Exterior

One of the first things you’re bound to notice when you see the Nissan Urvan NV350 is that its halogen lights look more modern. The model also has a bigger bumper and a revamped grill. The side of the vehicle has new character lines, and the exterior mirrors as well as the side windows have been redesigned. The sharper design continues with the vehicle’s rear, which now features distinctive taillights, a chrome emblem, and a sleek bumper. The new Urvan also has a third brake light and 15-inch wheels. Cool, huh?


According to TopGear, the new Urvan’s design is indeed “…an improvement over its predecessor’s aging styling. It has clean lines and a shortened overhang to give it a modern look. The angled strut front grille and the sharply angled halogen headlights contribute to the Urvan’s leaner profile.”


The Interior

The NV350 boasts a 2.5-liter engine, which is similar to one in the NP300 Navara and the most powerful in its class. This means that even when you’re travelling to places like Baguio and Bukidnon with a full load (passengers and cargo), you’ll still enjoy a smooth travel. And you’ll no longer have to turn the air conditioning unit off when you go over mountain passes! The vehicle also has a new shift indicator on its dashboard, letting you know when you need to shift so as not to waste fuel and reduce the stress on the engine.


Comfort is also one of the best things the new NV350 Urvan has to offer. The driver gets to enjoy a sliding and tilting seat as well as tilt-adjustable steering; never has it been this easy to be behind the wheel of a van! Plus, a total of 12 air conditioning vents are evenly distributed throughout the vehicle’s roof line, which means you no longer have to worry about the heat, even when you’re on a long road trip in the middle of summer. The redesigned interior also offers more legroom and elbow room for ultimate comfort.


It certainly looks like the new Nissan NV350 delivers on its promise of serving the needs of shuttle operators, family users (and barkadas), and small businesses that may rely on vans for operations. But perhaps the customer group that gets the best news is the shuttle operators, because Nissan offers a free three-year warranty to any buyer who registers the van as a PUV.