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The 2016 Nissan Almera – A Closer Look

Always innovating, constantly improving. That’s the kind of image Nissan wants to be known for, and they are indeed working hard to cement that image. This year, they are introducing to the Philippine market the latest version of their sub-compact car, Almera.

The previous version of the Nissan Almera is now improved with new interior and exterior designs, plus a new engine variant, they are hoping to make the model the new car of choice of every Filipino family. According to Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) President and Managing Director Antonio Zara, the 2016 Almera is the “perfect partner for all new beginnings.” Let’s take a closer look to see if what he claims is indeed true.

The 2016 Nissan Almera – A Closer Look

What’s New?

This 2016 model is supposed to be a better version of the Almera, right? So, what exactly has changed from the previous model to this one?

The best place to begin is at the car’s front end, which now a new bumper, a new grille, and a new set of headlights. The new bumper adds an angular shape to the otherwise round design of the car. The larger V-motion grille and boomerang-shaped headlights identify it as a sister if the Sylphy and the Altima.

Now let’s take a look at the side of the new Almera. It features a new set of 12-spoke alloy wheels along with a design that gives it more of a sporty look. At the back end, it has a revamped bumper that features a black diffuser, a chrome trunk garnish, and a redesigned lip spoiler.

More than the exterior, though, it’s what’s inside a car that matters to most consumers. So, what does the 2016 Almera’s interior have to offer? Well, the new center console layout now has piano black and silver trims. Additionally, the new instrument cluster features Fine Vision gauges and the redesigned three-spoke steering wheel definitely looks a lot classier than the one in the previous model. The new Almera also boasts a multi-information display and rear air conditioning vents, along with leather seats for the model’s top-range variant.

The 2016 Nissan Almera – A Closer Look

Other than that, the car’s interior also boasts of having ample space. NPI also says the car comes with a remote keyless system, iPod connectivity, and AUX/USB input. You can also expect to find standard safety features in the 2016 Almera, including electronic brake-force distribution, brake assist, anti-lock braking system, and dual front airbags.

What’s under the hood of any car is also a very important consideration. After all, you can only truly enjoy the looks and comfort your car offers if they come with top-notch performance. The new Almera allows you to choose between two drivetrains. With the entry-level model, you get a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder engine with CVT technology. It generates 79 horsepower at 6000rpm and 106Nm of torque at 4400rpm. It is connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. The other models give you a 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine that generates 99 horsepower at 6000rpm and 134Nm of torque at 4000rpm. The 5-speed manual transmission of this engine is mated with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Aside from all these upgrades, Nissan’s new Almera models also got a few tweaks in suspension to give you a sportier driving and riding experience. Furthermore, this car’s spare parts cost less than the previous version’s. That, coupled with the fact that the upgrades lead to longer intervals between periodic maintenance, translates into a 30 percent reduction in the Almera’s maintenance cost. The car now has the lowest maintenance cost in its class!

Nissan’s 2016 Almera will be made available in a total of 5 variants:

  1. The new 1.2-liter M/T, which is priced at PHP630,000
  2. The 1.5-liter E M/T that’s priced at PHP726,000
  3. The 1.5-liter E A/T to be sold at PHP762,000
  4. The 1.5-liter V A/T, which has a price tag of PHP845,000
  5. The range-topper 1.5 VL A/T that comes in at PHP880,000

(Prices does not yet include freight charges.)

These five Almera variants will all come in four different colors: Alpine White, Bluish Black, Brilliant Silver, and Titanium Grey.

If you’re planning to buy a new car and have a sedan in mind, you may want to check out the 2016 Almera. Mr. Zara promised that this is “the ideal car that will be with you and your loved ones through many of life’s important milestones.” Now that is definitely something worth looking forward to! After all, a car is one investment you’d want to benefit from for many years to come.




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