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The Future for Electrical Vehicles in PH – the Nissan Leaf

Technology has swept the world in a whirlwind of new ideas and recent developments to our way of living. Not only are we constantly in a state of coming up of ways to do things in everyday lives but we are also in the process of upgrading past innovations which have shaped the world as it has now. A prime example is our vehicles. Before, we depended on the use of horses or carriages as our only means of travel but now, several different types of cars and models have been created for our utmost pleasure. We are one step closer to embracing the future. In this case, the future is the Nissan Leaf, brought to you by Nissan Cagayan De Oro.


In the Philippines, our public transport has slowly been upgraded over time with subways and metro systems. We have always depended on the use of fossil fuels to run our vehicles. However, other developing countries have started going fully electrical—such as Indonesia with its new addition of electric taxis. It’s about time the Philippines started catching up and gearing up for the future as well. Our best shot at going electrical is the Nissan Leaf.


So what makes the Nissan Leaf so special?


1. Runs purely on electricity


Nissan Leaf

This vehicle didn’t win the 2010 Green Car Vision Award out of pure luck. It won because of its innovative design in which it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to keep it running. According to the Green Car Journal, the Nissan Leaf model provides the aesthetics, the features, and the comfort that meets the needs of a discerning market and disregards the need for petroleum fuel.


Because it’s electric, the model depends on a charging station. It takes eight hours to reach the full charge of the battery. You even have the option of installing your own charging station at your house. Since the Nissan Leaf features an EPA that extends to 150 miles, it’s great for long commutes and across the country drives. It not only lets you travel with style but it also lets you travel a long ways from home without needing to stop over. Just make sure it’s fully charged before you plan the next family vacation!


2. Environment friendly


Nissan Leaf

Because it depends on electricity, no harm is done to the environment. Gone are the days where we depend on fossil fuels as sources of power and effectively add up to greenhouse gases that have polluted the earth since technology was born. At this point in time, it’s part of our survival instincts to think green. What better way to travel now than with a car that has won multiple awards?


The Philippines has always been avid producers of greenhouse gases due to the amount of petroleum fuel used to power our vehicles. This can change with the release of the Nissan Leaf. With promise of applying the much-needed developments in both the private and public transport fields, this model car holds with it the future in its design.


3. Widely popular around the globe


Nissan Leaf

The United States, Japan and Europe have the largest Nissan Leaf market in the world. Accordingly, the vehicle is said to be “the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car,” with some even claiming it’s the best EV model up to date. This is because the Nissan Leaf features carryover mechanicals, a better battery tech, a good range for an electric vehicle and an overall pleasing look to its design.


Compared to most EVs, the Nissan Leaf is the most affordable one there is. It caters to a wider demographic since it features a five-door hatchback electric car model, fit for family vacations or out-of-the-country road trips with friends. With more or less the same qualities to a Chevrolet Bolt EV and Tesla’s Model 3 but at a lower price range, there is little room to doubt as to why the Nissan Leaf has been topping the charts in foreign countries.


The Nissan Leaf – What a time to be alive


The future is here and it’s electric. While the Philippines may still have a long way to go before it can be up to par with First World countries in terms of its transport system, there is still something to look forward to and it’s the Nissan Leaf. Since the company is releasing the electric vehicle to the country in 2020, it’s best to check it out first at Nissan Cagayan De Oro, located at Elipe Park, Rodolfo N. Pelaez Blvd in CDO, Misamis Oriental.

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