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The New Nissan NV350 Urvan Premium

Taking the Standard Urvan to the Next Level

Earlier this week, NPI (Nissan Philippines, Inc.) launched the super-sized NV350 Urvan Premium to bolster their already strong 2017 first quarter sales.

It’s no secret that the Nissan Urvan is one of NPI’s bestsellers, making up 31% of the company’s total sales in 2016. And for that, the NV350 Urvan has become a valued member of the NPI family. But the value of this amazing bestseller doesn’t stop there. Nissan Philippines sees great potential in the Urvan for even better opportunities this year.

Here’s the thing:

The NV350 Urvan caters to 54% of the total market for vans, which consists of the business and/or commuter van category. The remaining 46% consists mostly of the private sector, consumers and families looking for a comfortable, practical, and fuel-efficient full-sized van. This is the market that the NV350 Urvan Premium is trying to reach.

So, are you one of those consumers looking for a comfortable yet practical and fuel-efficient ride? The Urvan Premium is all of that and more. This super-sized van can practically give both the Brady Bunch and the Von Trapp family a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

But what makes the Urvan Premium any different from the standard NV350 Urvan or any of its competitors?


The Main Characteristics of the Nissan NV350 Urvan Premium

At first glance, a typical bystander may not notice any difference between the standard NV350 Urvan and the Premium model. But again, the key difference of both models is all about maximizing comfort and practicality. And that doesn’t necessarily require drastic changes in the aesthetics and overall design of the van.

Some of the changes, however, can be noticed in the dimensions of the van. Upon close examination of the Urvan Premium, you may find that it’s slightly bigger in almost every aspect. That’s because it is. The Nissan NV350 Urvan Premium comes with the following dimensions:

  • Length – 5,230 mm
  • Width – 1,880 mm
  • Height – 2,285 mm


With these dimensions, the Urvan Premium has essentially become a serious contender against its major competition from other car manufacturers. However, the 15-passenger seating capacity and the ample leg room, thanks to the extended wheelbase, have given the Urvan Premium an advantage over the other similar-type vans in the market.


Style and Design Features

Vans are not really known for exquisite design and styling, regardless of the manufacturer. The main focus on the design of vans and other similar vehicles is to provide a comfortable ride to a large number of passengers. And that is what the Urvan Premium offers.

However, when it comes to style and design, the Urvan Premium does not fall short on that aspect. On the contrary, the Urvan Premium actually looks great, both outside and inside. The exterior detail is striking, with amazing designs on almost every component, from the grille to the light fixtures.

This is really a great vehicle, and a great value, for big families who love to travel a lot.

Download the Nissan Urvan Premium Brochure here.

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