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The Nissan Patrol Royale: 5 Decades in the Making

Nissan has been very busy these past few months, introducing new models as well as the latest versions of their trusted old models. Among the models they have recently revamped is their large SUV, the Nissan Patrol. Now known as the Patrol Royale, the model has received a number of cosmetic improvements as well as a few interior tweaks.

Nissan boasts that this is the first four-wheel drive vehicle that’s specifically designed to work extremely well even in the Middle East region, which has the type of climate that demands a lot from automobiles. Let’s see how it measures up.

The Exterior

The Nissan Patrol Royale: 5 Decades in the Making

The V-Motion grill of the new Patrol Royale is significantly bolder, with three bars at the center and two bars at each corner. This new grill replaces the one with the honeycomb design. The built-in LED headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights are also new (the DRL has an automatic on/off function) and the fog light housings are bigger and features a new chrome trim. At the back of the Patrol Royale are clear taillights that now feature revised clusters. The revamped SUV also features an all-new set of 20-inch wheels.

The Interior

The Nissan Patrol Royale: 5 Decades in the Making

The steering wheel of the Patrol Royale now has wood trim, unlike the old model, which had a steering wheel fully wrapped in leather. What remains the same is the leather trim in the automobile’s door panels, the center console, and the chrome accents that still brightens up the tan-colored interior. This means the look and feel of the car’s interior is pretty much the same as it was with the previous version of the Nissan Patrol, except for the steering wheel.

And guess what? It’s not just the wood trim that’s new about the steering wheel. The telescopic steering wheel is also powered with memory, along with the driver’s seat. Another feature that makes the car’s interior interesting is the tri-zone climate control and Bose Premium sound system, which is equipped with a total of 13 speakers. Plus, the Patrol Royale also boasts of a push engine start with Intelligent Key and 2 x 7-inch headrest-mounted WVGA monitors. The vehicle is also spacious enough to seat a total of eight individuals.

The Machine

The Nissan Patrol Royale: 5 Decades in the Making

The latest version of the Nissan Patrol is powered by a 5.6 liter V8 engine that produces 526Nm and 371 PS of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission that also features a manual shift mode. And because Nissan boasts of the car’s off-road capabilities as well, it has also been fitted with a full-time electronic four-wheel drive system with three settings: 4-Low, 4-High, and Automatic.

Where driver assist and safety equipment are concerned, Nissan equipped the new Patrol Royale with Limited Slip Differential, Hill Start Assist, Hill descent Control, six full-curtain airbags, traction and stability control, and an anti-lock braking system with EBD. The vehicle also has clearance sensors at the front and rear, with an Around View 360-degree camera.

The Price Cut

Perhaps the biggest change made to the Nissan Patrol isn’t in its exterior appearance, in its interior, or in the machine. Rather, it is in the adjustment of the model’s price. The Nissan Patrol used to sell for PHP 4.9 million, but is now being offered at PHP 3.9 million. That’s a million-peso price cut! Where else can you see such a significant price reduction for a car model that has been improved in both appearance and function? Apparently, nowhere else but at Nissan. The company has definitely made the large SUV accessible to a lot more people.

The Verdict

There’s no question about it. The Patrol Royale’s price is definitely good news to those who have been waiting for its release. Other than the price, though, is the Royale really an improvement on the classic Nissan Patrol? Our answer would also be a resounding YES! Nissan’s engineers went through the evaluation process for over 200 prototypes and spent over five decades honing what has now been introduced as the Patrol Royale, and it shows.

The Royale has very smooth response and is kept flatter by its Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) system. It also has considerably less body roll when you change lanes and turn corners, thereby giving you an extremely comfortable riding experience within the city as well as top-notch stability on sandy and rugged roads. It also boasts independent suspension on both front and back ends, as well as 275/60R20 tires.

The Nissan Patrol Royale is offered in Pearl White and Obsidian Black. This may just be the ride you’ve been waiting for.



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