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The Nissan Sylphy Transformation Promo: Celebrating Change

There are brands almost everyone immediately recognizes and Nissan is one of those. If you take the time to ask random individuals you meet on the street, all of them will probably tell you that they or a member of their family either owns a Nissan at present or has owned one in the past. There is definitely no denying the fact that this brand has become a world leader in the automobile industry over the years and they take pride in having held on to their leadership status for years.

Today, Nissan continues to be on a roll, with a continually increasing market share as well as improved customer satisfaction and dealer profitability. This isn’t to say, though, that the company can rest on its laurels. Considering how competitive the world in general has become, they can expect to still have some pretty tough battles to fight. And it does seem like they’re more than ready to take on these battles.

The Nissan Sylphy Transformation Promo: Celebrating Change

Special focus is placed on ensuring that every member of the Nissan family commits to the fulfillment of their mission, which is: “To enrich people’s lives, building trust with our employees, customers, dealers, partners, shareholders, and the world at large.”

A huge part of their effort to enrich people’s lives involves the beefing up of their product line. So you can expect to see some major improvements in their products this year and beyond. One such major improvement is the transformation of the classic Nissan Sentra into the Nissan Sylphy, a better and more exciting version! And in a bid to further build trust with their customers, Nissan Philippines has recently launched a special promo where you could win a brand new Sylphy.

If you are a resident of the Republic of the Philippines, the owner of an active Facebook account, aged 18 years old and above, and the holder of a valid driver’s license, then you are qualified to join the Sylphy Transformation Promo. Here are the details of this special promo:

How to Join:

Visit this Facebook Page: and then follow these steps:

1. Choose a photo that best captures your “old self” from your Facebook photos. You may also upload a photo from your computer. Choose the year when the photo was taken and then click on “Next.”

The Nissan Sylphy Transformation Promo: Celebrating Change
2. Choose a photo that best captures your “new self” from your Facebook photos. You may also upload a photo from your computer.

The Nissan Sylphy Transformation Promo: Celebrating Change
3. Choose your favorite Sylphy feature and the share the post that shows that choice along with a composite of your two photos. You may also customize your share comment before posting. Be sure to click on “I allow Nissan Philippines Inc. to use my Transformation Photos and my personal information for the Sylphy Transformation Promo. NPI has the sole discretion to determine the qualifications and eligibility to join the promo.” Click on “Post.”

The Nissan Sylphy Transformation Promo: Celebrating Change

Promo Period:

September 1-November 30, 2015


Submission of Entries– September 1-October 31, 2015
• Round 1 of the promo will be officially closed at 11:59 PM on October 31, 2015.
• Judging will be held from November 3-4, facilitated by NPI and TBWA/SMP.
• There will be background checks to confirm eligibility from November 5-8.
• Names of 20 finalists will be announced on November 9 in the Nissan Philippines FB Page. Finalists may also be notified via FB.


Video Submission– November 9-30, 2015
• Finalists should describe their transformation and explain why they deserve to win.
• The video should be submitted to the Sylphy Transformation Facebook promo app, to be screened by NPI and TBWA/SMP.
• Video requirements: Max 25MB file size, MP4 or AVI, Max. Length 60 seconds
• The Nissan Philippines Facebook community can vote for their favorite videos until 11:59 PM of November 30, 2015.
• NPI and TBWA/SMP will commence Round 2 judging on December 4, 2015.
• The winner’s name will be revealed on December 11, 2015. The winner will also be notified via e-mail, registered mail, and a phone call.

If you win the Sylphy Transformation Promo, not only will you be awarded with a brand new Sylphy, but you may also be featured in marketing materials for the Sylphy, including press releases, online articles, and social media posts. Best of all, Nissan Philippines will shoulder the taxes for your prize and even pay the LTO Registration Fees! Is there any wonder why Nissan has remained a well-loved brand over the years?

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