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Vacations (Road Trip) with Nissan

We have just started the second quarter of the year 2019, and we all know what that means, right? School’s out, graduation ceremonies and parties have just ended, and summer has finally arrived!

For students, they have long since awaited this two-month break to finally get a breather from stressful assignments and projects. Unfortunately, for us working professionals, we aren’t so lucky to get those two months off. However, don’t keep that from stopping you to grab that leave form and apply for that well-deserved summer vacation. After all, you deserve to take time away from your hectic and busy lifestyle, or else you might not be that far off from that terrifying thing called burnout.

Blue water, white sand, the mountains—summer is definitely the perfect time to get away from the very active and frenzied city atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing yet fun getaway with family, friends, and a loved one. Whatever your type of holiday is, for most of us, this kind of activity also means preparing our cars for a very long drive.

Now, a car drive doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and uncomfortable. Most road trips can be quite exciting and enjoyable if we make it to be, especially if we’re with people whose company we enjoy. What can make it even more memorable is the type of vehicle we’re in. Whether you are going to another city, to the beach, or just want to spend a day or two on the road, we cannot deny that a car that can suit the demands of a road trip is crucial for it to be a fun and comfortable experience. In this article, let’s talk about the different models pointing to why Nissan can be your best choice when it comes to road trips.


Nissan Rogue


One important criteria for a car to be perfect for road trips, especially with a large group, is a roomy and spacious interior, and you’d have a difficult time trying to find a better one than this compact SUV. It boasts a generous space you can use for cargo while still making it possible for you to stretch out your legs during very long distances.

nissan rouge

The 2018 updated version also makes room for five passengers and an extra headspace for your tall friends, while both the front and back seats providing you high-quality comfort.


Nissan Altima


If you want to pick a vehicle perfect for achieving those highway miles, the Altima is your best bet. Despite its large size, it doesn’t affect the car’s fuel efficiency and even features reactive transmission and acceleration. With these, a gallon of fuel  can get you to 26 to 31 miles if you’re to go on highways, perfect for those long drives out of the city. What’s even better is with the recent version’s fatigue-free technology equipped on the two front seats, it makes sure the driver and front-seat passenger stay awake and alert during this long-distance driving.


Nissan Leaf


Nissan made headlines in 2011 when they first released their first all-electric model, winning major awards for green automobiles and achieving the title of best-selling electric car in history. Although it seems doubtful, the new 2018 Leaf came out with various upgrades, making it possible to be used for a weekend trip of a few hundred miles.


As long as you make sure to charge it once you arrive at your destination, the Leaf is capable of taking you up to 250 miles; perfect if you want a short trip just within the city and to explore local spots. With significant updates on its comfort, performance, and technology, you won’t regret taking this beauty out for a ride.


Nissan Quest


If you’re going on a trip with a larger group of more than six people, then it’s time to take this spacious minivan out. This vehicle offers a convenient ride with its easy to rearrange and adjust seating formation and a DVD entertainment system that you can choose to use if you get bored during lengthy rides. If the entertainment system is not your type, then the ability of the captain’s chairs to be reclined is ideal for you to take that quick nap.

Nissan quest

In conclusion, this multinational automobile manufacturer certainly has a diverse enough array of offerings to ensure your holiday trips go without a hitch. Basically, preparing for a trip requires of you to be able to decide what kind of trip you would like to be in, making Nissan vehicles perfect for you. Whether you’re going on a trip with your family and kids, or with your friends, stop by your nearest Nissan branch and choose your favorite road trip car now.


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